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  • 3 Hrs

  • Guide marine biologist
    or naturalist

  • Small groups



Our team of biologists will guide you to this expedition doing Responsible Tourism; Sailing to the north of Banderas Bay in the Riviera Nayarit, there you will find the majestic Islas Marietas National Park, catalogued as a Natural Protected Area and Biosphere Reserve, its Playa del Amor or Hidden Beach, sanctuary and habitat of an endless number of marine birds, the most characteristic is the beautiful blue-footed booby bird, this bird will surprise you as well as the beautiful gulls, herons and frigate birds. Underwater you will have the opportunity to observe the great colorful fishes, corals, marine sponges, anemones, etc; a true marine aquarium.

Explora Vallarta invites you to be part of this great experience, where we will also visit the beach of love or hidden beach, which is located inside one of the islands, its access is only by swimming, crossing the great arch you will discover what nature has prepared for you. You will always be accompanied by experienced biologists, who will share their knowledge, adventures and experiences; learning and exploring what the northern part of the Bay has to offer.

During the tour you are likely to see sea turtles, friendly dolphins, giant manta rays and in winter the beautiful humpback whales.

What is included

  • Expedition to different incredible areas of the Marietas Islands. Entrance to Playa del Amor (Only if the sea conditions allow it and the maximum number of visitors has not been exceeded). Tourist ages to enter Playa del Amor or Playa Escondida are from 10 years old and up to 65 years old.
  • Specialized guides (marine biologists and naturalists).
  • Certificated boat-captain.
  • Specialized guides (marine biologists and naturalists).
  • Snorkel equipment..
  • Life jackets.

Highlights of our Staff and why to book with us

  • We do Responsible Tourism.
  • We carry out activities with small groups in order not to cause damage to the area and greater safety for our travelers; Personalized Tours.
  • Professional guides (Marine Biologists or Naturalists).
  • We protect the Islands following the Islas Marietas National Park Rules (Good Practices).
  • We attend training courses for certified guides to do activities in Islas Marietas.
  • We support the Park Rangers in activities such as cleaning, mudding, monitoring, etc.

What to wear

  • Wear dark glasses.
  • Cap or hat.
  • Towel.
  • Windbreaker.
  • Take medication in case of dizziness.
  • And plenty of space in the memory of your camera to photograph the wonderful nature of the islands..
  • Restrictions on access to Playa del Amor or Playa Escondida:

  • For the specific case of access to the "Playa del Amor" or Playa Escondida, it is important for tourists to know that this is the site most susceptible to tides and currents, so if the Park Ranger determines that you cannot access, it is for your own safety.
  • Access to this beach is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Age limit to enter Playa del Amor is from 10 years old to 65 years old.
  • Regulatory time of stay in the area of Playa del Amor is 30 minutes, the time runs from the time you get off the boat and start swimming to access and exit.
  • To enter is mandatory to wear a helmet and vest, which is provided prior to entry.
  • NO TOUR COMPANY, including us, can guarantee the entrance to Playa Amor in advance. The authorities of this Natural Protected Area from 2016, regulates the activities in a rigorous manner in the Marietas Islands to have a stable and preserved site for the marine organisms that inhabit them to carry out their biological activities; so technical studies determined a specific carrying capacity for Playa del Amor of 116 visitors per day, which are distributed spaces for a standard of 173 boats; Therefore, the tourist must understand that we do not have control and responsibility in the case of not obtaining places to access the Playa del Amor; even if the tourist reserves his places with any tour operator weeks in advance, it does not guarantee his place to access this beach.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women and people with heart or respiratory problems.
  • Our departure from Marina Vallarta can generate a travel time of 5 to 6 hours depending on the season due to the control by the park rangers for access to Playa del Amor and travel distance.
  • AVISO - Manejo de Fauna Silvestre

Days and schedules

Mondays Cerrado

Tuesday Open the park, except Love Beach.

Wednesday to Sunday All open Visitation sites.