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  • 5 Hrs

  • Guide marine biologist
    or naturalist

  • Small groups



Enter the wonderful tropical jungle of Puerto Vallarta walking through the crystalline waters of El Nogalito River, you will enjoy the real contact with nature in the middle of its exuberant vegetation and fauna that will leave you hypnotized with its wonderful orchids, bromeliads, ferns, vines and termite nests used by parakeets to protect and feed their offspring.

The Explora Vallarta team will walk by your side deep into the jungle, this natural architecture has prepared for you an endless number of incredible trails, which we will explore enjoying beautiful waterfalls, natural ponds where we can refresh ourselves, we will walk between two walls where beautiful ferns hang, while in the treetops a great variety of birds will not stop to sing their enigmatic songs.

After walking for about an hour through this wonderful paradise, we will arrive at a majestic waterfall that has carved for centuries the site; turning it into a beautiful natural pond in which you will want to be forever...

This is the ideal place to refresh ourselves and have a delicious breakfast in the middle of this exciting adventure that Explora Vallarta has prepared for you and your family. Upon our return we will arrive at a restaurant nestled in the jungle at the river's edge, where we will take a tour of the tequila factory where we will learn about the process and elaboration of this 100% natural beverage.

The tour includes

  • Hike along the trails of the paradisiacal river El Nogalito.
  • Specialized guides (marine biologists and naturalists).
  • Energy bars, fruit, water.
  • Tequila tour and visit to the restaurant.


  • Cap or hat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Tennis, sandals, shorts, swimming suit.
  • Extra money (to spend in the restaurant and buying souvenirs).
  • Camera and video.
  • A plastic bag to protect your camera.

Days and schedules

Every day

From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm