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  • 5 Hrs

  • Guide marine biologist
    or naturalist

  • Small groups



Fly above the rainforest just as the birds of this wonderful paradise do, Explora Vallarta will take you on this thrilling and exciting high altitude experience on the banks of the El Nogalito River. Glide over the treetops on our 12 zip lines, using the highest quality safety equipment while enjoying the breathtaking view of the jungle foliage.

Our expert guides will be at the beginning and end of each zip line, you will never be alone and you will always be supervised by an expert who will make this wonderful experience a great adventure to discover.

Our first two cables are to give you the confidence and practice to later make you fly through higher and faster lines where you will discover a totally magical and exuberant world that remains hidden above the heights of the jungle.

You will travel on foot through beautiful trails until you reach another starting point to later fly, it will be possible to observe the sea while you fly from one point to another. You will enjoy the double zip line where you will fly at the same time as a companion and will make this experience even more rewarding.

On our return we will arrive at a restaurant nestled in the jungle on the banks of the river, there we will take a tour of the tequila factory where we will learn about the process and elaboration of this 100% natural beverage.

Which includes the experience:

  • 12 zip lines to fly over the trees.
  • Harness, carabiner, helmet, gloves, etc. The highest safety equipment.
  • Specialized guides (marine biologists and naturalists)..
  • Overnight at the restaurant.
  • Tequila tour.
  • Transfer by van from Puerto Vallarta to Canopy


  • Cap or hat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Tennis, sandals, shorts, swimming suit.
  • Extra money (to spend in the restaurant and buying souvenirs).

Days and schedules

Every day

From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm